Kehlani Covers PAPER Mag

i want to take the time to say thank you for all of the support, but also mention that when you call me brave, i have to credit those who inspire my โ€œbraveryโ€ and who i consider to be more brave than i could ever be. as a non black passing, hetero passing queer person, i donโ€™t get nearly as much shit as some. those who do are the very people who founded pride, who fight the hardest and deal with the most… black queer / black trans people. the most strong people i know, whilst being the most loving from my experience. thank you for your fight, i am an extension of your teachings and legacies, and only hope as i grow to honor those who inspire me, and give the credit where itโ€™s truly due. i hope to only add ammo to this fight, and point my viewers and supporters in the direction of the ORIGIN. i love yโ€™all. we love yโ€™all, cuz you always loved us. bless! @papermagazine

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