Cindy Crawford Covers InStyle Mag

So when did the concept of the original supermodel begin? “If you asked me when that moment really happened, I would have to say it was the @Versace_Official show when Christy, Linda, Naomi, and I came out together lip-synching to that George Michael song,” @cindycrawford tells @ericwilsonsays. The year was 1991, and the song was “Freedom! ’90." Gianni Versace’s fall show that year in Milan re-created the supermodel lip-synching scene from the music video, and it set the fashion world on fire. “With the generation before us, there were show girls, and there were print girls, and very few did both. Gianni was the first to say, ‘I want the women in my campaign to also be on the runway.’ It was palpable that something had shifted.” | Photographed by @carterbedloesmith

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Given how instrumental @Versace_Official was in the original rise of supermodels, it seems fitting that the company would, like them, be experiencing a resurgence. “I want everybody talking about Versace again,” @Donatella_Versace told @EricWilsonSays from Milan. “I want to be on top.” Donatella has carried on the family torch as creative and artistic director since the death of her brother 20 years ago. “I admit I was very insecure for a long time, but today no more. Maybe it was the tribute collection that finally freed me of the burden I had and made me see the light, but I can say I feel liberated from the demons of the past,” she says. “I am stronger and more focused.” Read the full story at the link in bio. | Photographed by @carterbedloesmith

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